Late Lala Dharmveer Rai Badri Prasad Ji

The founder of the Dharam Samaj group-of-organizations, philanthropist Rai Bahadur Badri Prasad Ji, was born in the prosperous family of Lala Ram Narayan ji in Agra. Their ancestors were originally from Narnaul, who sometime in the past left Narnaul and settled at Agra. Rai Saheb ji was born at Agra but he did not live there permanently and went to Delhi. In the year 1856, he had to come to Aligarh leaving Delhi due to political reasons and he remained here up to the last day, of magnificent journey of his life which was full of spiritual practices and deep meditation, i.e. up to 9 August, 1897 A.D. Thus, from the year 1856 to the year 1897, that is to say, for a long duration of 41 years, Aligarh remained his field of works. During these 41 years, Rai Saheb ji contributed so much in the field of education that citizens of Aligarh became highly grateful to him and memory of Rai sahib ji became immortal to the city. It seems totally impossible that the world of education in Aligarh may ever be indebted from his debt. Rai saheb ji was animated by Vedic Dharma and was a true follower of Mahrishi Dayanand. On Falgun Krishna paksha (spring season, waning moon) Saptami, Vikram Samvat 1927 (year 1870 A.D.), due to his good inspiration and efforts, an assembly named “Satya Dharam Samaj” was established, the rule book of which stated the first aim of it in these words – “To strive to attain the best dharma, as said in Vedas and devotion and knowledge and leaving of false knowledge, over attachment.”

His aim was expressed as–“To ensure a school for the enhancement of Sanskrit language.” The aims of the congregation, as if, became the aims of life of Rai Bahadur Badri Prasad Ji, for the good attainment of which he devoted not only his 41 years but also all the things possible- by body, heart and money. Rai saheb ji not only established Satya Dharam Samaj to reform society and to popularize Vedic dharma & culture and Sanskrit language but also published and edited a magazine named “Dharam Samaj Patt”. With an aim to reform Hindu society he also established an organization named “Indian League” in 1868. In the year 1856, after coming from Delhi to Aligarh, Rai sahib ji got constructed a building named “Achal Kothi” near Achal Taal and made advocacy his profession. At present, the piece of land, over which Dharam Samaj College is situated, is actually a part of land of garden and kothi/bungalow of Lala Rai Badri Prasad ji. In the year 1909, when Dharam Samaj High School was established, then the bungalow and garden were donated for the school. There was a Government middle or Tehsil school on the piece of land on which the Dharam Samaj College is now situated. In the year 1947 when Dharam Samaj College came into existence then Dharam Samaj Inter College was shifted to the Middle school building and land and Dharam Samaj College was started at Sethji’s bungalow and garden and land accompanying it. The Middle school ceased to exist in the year 1947. This is the brief biography of the great philanthropist, education lover, social reformer and duty adherent Rai Bahadur Badri Prasad ji.